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living on under 100,000 yen a month

I keep hearing people say how expensive Japan is. I don't see it. I mean if you go out boozing every night and dance till the sun comes up, well then yes. But me, I have found that it is possible to live quite well on under 100,000 yen a month in Japan. This includes rent and food and my transportation by train.

Some of the Smith's franchise schools are located in apartments, making them possible to live in. You just have to pay the rent, and you have both a place to teach in and a place to live. You can rent a one room apartment or a multiple room apartment. The choice is yours. Working in this way, I can earn (keep in my pocket after taxes) from my one classroom about US$4,800 a month.

My English school is located in a small one-room apartment of about 25 square meters. It was a bit cramped, but in starting like this, I could start my own business. All I had to pay for was the franchise start-up fee and a basic room. Not many businesses I know that can start up like that and then earn what I do after just a year. The system really has taught me not to worry about being too flashy, wasting money on prideful things that do not make money for your business. When I first began teaching English from my franchise, I lived in the school for a while to save money while I built up my student body. Before students would arrive, I made sure it was clean and didn't look like I was living in it. I simply stored personal belongings out of sight before students would arrive for their lessons. Like most Japanese people, I used a futon to sleep on, which could easily be stored away. During this time, I found that I could easily live on under 100,000 yen a month. I lived in my school until I had built up my student body and income from my business to a level where I could easily afford another private apartment to live in. Once I had the money I did go and find another apartment very close to my school, where I now live.