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We at Smith's School of English Franchises resolve always:

  1. To constantly keep improving the quality of our support services to our franchisees. From their initial franchise training through to our continuing sales and full administration support; from ongoing curriculum development to high-profile mass-media Japanese advertising, we aim to provide a top-notch product to our franchisees and their students.

  2. To always remember that every one of our franchisees has his/her own reasons for joining our team, and to respect and respond to those wants and needs in all our dealings with them.

  3. To continually encourage every Smith's School of English franchisee as he/she first meets and then exceeds their own personal and professional goals and to competently assist them in charting and sounding out their future opportunities.

  4. To continue searching for additional ways our franchisees can reach their dreams, accomplish their goals, and enjoy their lives with those they love here in Japan.

  5. To be genuinely patient and sympathetic with all those in the foreign community who refuse to consider the possibility that something that seems too good to be true might not be.