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how to keep students

using the smith's curriculum

As I mentioned earlier, the Smith's curriculum provides direction for students. It is built in such a way that students can see their progress, making them feel that they are moving forward and improving their English. They also see that the teachers, though they may change, use the same curriculum and know exactly what they studied before. They realize this because the teachers follow a specific lesson outline, which includes review of the last lesson. All these things give the students a good impression and will increase your chances of keeping students longer.


natural attrition

Natural attrition refers to the inevitable, eventual loss of students over time. No matter how good your lessons are, you will inevitably lose students after some time. How long varies. It could be a few months, or 5 years or more. Students may quit for a number of reasons. They may get too busy, or move away. Or they may quit because they think it's getting too difficult. It's hard to know, really. However, you can minimize attrition by always giving high quality lessons using the Smith's curriculum. If you do lots of promotion and give high quality lessons, natural attrition will not be a problem. You'll get many more new students than you are losing.