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frequent flyer mileage

A new year begins, and (very early) on an given morning you can find successful Smith's School of English franchisees beginning their day. It's wintertime so they put on their warm clothes and bundle up. Then they're moving on towards the hardest part of their day: time to hand out flyers.

Face to face with their potential students, our franchisees are out there handing out hundreds, if not thousands, of flyers. Sometimes they're on their own but usually they'll work in teams with nearby franchisees, supporting each other's schools, building a better business for themselves while helping out their fellow franchisees. That's what makes these cold winter mornings bearable. You have support; other team players working with you to better guarantee your success.

The hour and a half flies by with laughter and dancing, joking and kvetching. Perfect strangers are greeted with smiles. Some smile back, others avoid. Most will reach for the information, a few even stop to chat and ask for a trial lesson right there on the street. Strange things happening. The energy starts to build up in your body.

Soon you feel awake, really awake. It starts to become fun. More strange things happening. The flyers get handed out, and that translates into phones ringing with inquiries from prospective students, bookings for trial lessons, new students in the door.

Of course, for all that to happen requires a lot more than handing out flyers. But that's not your concern. That's where the Smith's School of English franchise system really kicks into high gear. Our professional sales and administrative team is trained to do one thing and one thing only: sell English lessons for you. Combine this with our efficient secretarial services, name brand mass-media advertising, quality marketing, and easy access to our other successful franchisees, and you have a dynamic and powerful package.

For now, you've done your part. It's time to relax for awhile over a cup of coffee with your team members. You sit back and talk about how simple this franchise thing really is. Not always easy. Just simple.

As the flyers go out, your school grows. And with a little help from your friends, it's a simple matter of taking that first step forward with a smile on your face, flyer extended and a gentle, "Good morning."