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"He Loved His Wife So Much He Made Her His Secretary,
Saved Himself Over 150,000 Yen Per Month and
Only Increased the Stress in Their Relationship
a Quadrillion Percent!!"

All right, Ladies and Gentlemen. We'll cut to the chase:

As a Smith's School of English franchisee you get all of our friendly and
professional telephone receptionist, sales, marketing, advertising,
administrative, scheduling and student counseling support for less than
210 yen per hour. 10 hours a day, six days a week.
Go ahead. Do the math. Figure out the numbers.
Isn't that worth thinking about.

Save your beloved (and/or yourself) from all the drudgery and tedium
as you build a future worthy of your dreams here in Japan.

Our Franchise Operations desk is open from 1-10pm.
Please contact us and a few weeks from now your
Smith's School of English franchise can be up and running.