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"Why should I even consider purchasing a Smith's School of English franchise when I can do it all on my own?"

It seems a day doesn't go by that we here at Smith's School of English franchises don't hear the above question in one form or another. It usually comes from a young, savvy, business-minded person who has read all about Smith's and has their own plans for going into business for themselves, with or without us. Some of them have private students lined up, or a girlfriend/wife willing to assist with the scheduling. A few have management experience at a big-name school and are tired of making a lot of money for someone else. All of them are looking for something better for themselves and the ones they love. It's from there that they ask, "What can your franchising system provide that I can't do by myself?" Here's our answer:


You see, once you've made the decision to go into business for yourself, the clock begins ticking. Soon, and very soon indeed, you'll be facing situations that all your management experience in the big-name schools hasn't prepared you for in the least. And that's where your initial franchise investment and monthly franchise administration fee will save you time. And money.

You see, we've already built many Smith's School of English franchises. We've learned what it takes to make a successful monthly-tuition English conversation school work. By joining our team you'll have eliminated the ever-spiraling (and increasingly expensive) learning curve — the little problems that all too quickly become major pains. How about some examples? Advertising — where will you find the advertising fees, on a monthly basis, to put into the high-visibility, name-brand mass media that will get your business into the public eye? How about secretarial support? How will you set up your office systems to run smoothly as your student base increases? And your curriculum — what marketing devices will you add to your curriculum in order to keep a pay-as-you-go monthly tuition student coming back month after month? If you don't have some sure-fire solutions to these problems (and a lot more) on hand, watch out! These are just a few of the alligators that will bite you hard. We know because we've seen it happen to those outside the franchise group, again and again. It wasn't pretty and it didn't have to happen.

Most new businesses ventures fail within the first year and the main source of misery usually isn't enough money. They fail due to a lack of visibility (marketing) and effective administrative systems to support and service their sales.

A Smith's School of English franchisee avoids all these pitfalls. We give our franchisees not only an excellent blueprint to success, we also provide the tools and strong backs needed to support them in their venture.They get the full support of the Smith's team in all areas crucial to their success. We save you the time and frustratingly wasteful expense of reinventing the wheel and blundering about. Think about it. In any kind of business isn't it the franchise that has the greatest chance of success? An English conversation school is the same.

Isn't now the best time to give us a call and start making some good decisions? Give us a call and start converting your time into the kinds of experiences you've always wanted to have here in Japan.