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the big questions

How much will it cost me to start a Smith's School of English franchise?
How do I get started?
What can I expect for income from my franchise?

Dear Readers,

When we at Smith's School of English started our series of open letters, we knew that the very idea of English school franchises would be revolutionary to some, refreshing to others. We presented the success stories and real-life numbers of our franchisees in order for you to become familiar with our concept and comfortable with our business philosophy. As we continue to welcome more and more franchisees into our group, we often hear the same questions and the same concerns, again and again.

This letter was first published many years ago. The answers can all be found here.

Make a commitment. Decide on your future. Stop complaining about your current employer; the lousy pay, the lack of motivated students, the hassles with the Japanese staff, etc. Stop dreaming about making money working as a mercenary teacher, running around all over the place, hoping to make 6,000 yen per hour. That never really gets put together and, just when you think its looking smooth, it cancels on you.

Make a commitment to look after yourself and the ones you care for. Give us a call, and within a month you'll be in your own store.

Sincerely Yours,

Mark Smith
Smith's School of English